Web3.js or iota.js equivalent for Shelly

Hi All,
I have been playing around with a project to build a full blown accounting system for cryptocurrencies including an application generator and database that uses zero packages of any kind except for libraries to make transactions on the target blockchains. No dependencies is for easy auditing and the code generator is for producing consistent error free code - kind of like what Marlow is doing for smart contracts but on the browser side.

The project is written entirely in plain vanilla javascript so I am looking for a library to make transactions on Shelly from the NodeJS command line. I figure if I can learn to use it from the command line then I can use it in my project.

Does such a library exist?
I am looking for the web3.js or iota.js equivalent for Cardano.


Hello @johnshearing, I think this should give you a good starting point: https://docs.cardano.org/projects/cardano-serialization-lib/en/latest/

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Greetings Tommy,
Thank you so much for pointing me to the library.
I can’t wait to dig in.
Down the rabbit hole!

P.S. I love your videos

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