WebBrowser on relay server

Possibly a naïve question.
I would like to set up Prometheus and Grafana on my relay server so do i also need to install the ubantu desktop so that i can have a web browser functionality
Thanks for any guidance, will be most appreciated

I dont know about ubuntu but all linux have some similarities in fedora linux just login in terminal as root user and type `

dnf group install “Xfce Desktop”

later restart

shutdown -r now

next step install the browser

dnf install firefox

a example in ubuntu i think is

apt-get install xfce4

apt-get install firefox

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Hi @RShad876,

You don’t have to install ubuntu desktop on your relay to access Grafana.
You can access it from your local machine. You might have to open your firewall to allow your local public IP to access your relay.
It is even better that way because you reduce the number of applications running on your server hence improve the overall security of your pool.

Hope that helps.


Thank all for feedback, I think I have the guidance i need now.
much appreciated

Hello Comozo!
Can you show me any document guide to do this?

Hi DucTiger

There is a relevant YouTube video on the subject from [EDEN] Garden Pool description = " Cardano Stake Pool Monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana" that may have good relevant information. As well as input from above replies i also found good info from it.

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Thank you man. I have found it.

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Please don’t install any GUI or browser on your relay. This is beyond bad idea.
Also, don’t open any extra firewall ports. Not cool either.
Both above actions will hugely increase your surface of attack, and you want your relay secure, right?

Use your SSH to forward the connections.
It is called SSH tunnelling.
It looks like this:

ssh -L local-machine-port:destination:destination-port user@relay-server

You should also be able to use SOCKS
ssh -N -D your-port user@relay-server
Then go to your browser settings and switch SOCKS on

Then use your browser on your local machine to connect to your relay server.

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Got Grafana coming through with Tunnelling, thank you much for advise.
Mush appreciated


Sorry for the late reply but it looks like you had great reply.