Welcome, Adastat!

Adastat is the new explorer for the Shelley ITN and the best tool for pool selection.

Everyone who has been using cryptocurrencies for a long time has already got used to explorers. Everyone has got used to the fact that using their search you can easily and easily find out the number of transactions in a concrete block or track all transactions of any address. In addition to the usual functions of an explorer in Adastat, you can see the history of any pool in any epoch: the amount of blocks generated, the amount of rewards, the amount of users delegating and the history of delegating to the pool. We think that based on this data, users will find it easier to decide which pool to entrust to their ADA. Pool operators can look at competitor data and think about how to improve their pool’s infrastructure. In any case, Adastat is currently the most convenient explorer for Cardano.

In the future, we plan:

  • introduce support for the mainnet Shelley;
  • conversion to fiat currencies;
  • redo the UX/UI;
  • localize for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and other markets;
  • port code to Open Source.

Adastat was developed by Dima Stashenko, an Ambassador and one of the leaders of the Russian-speaking community. If you find incorrect data, wrong layout or have suggestions for improving the explorer, you can always write to Telegram or Dima, or Ruslan.


Welcome! I like the ITN explorer and the more the merrier :slight_smile:


Love it. :heart: Many cool features and the delegation history is gold. :ok_hand:

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How do you calculate total pools? Is that accurate?