WEQNT: A purpose driven stake pool. Here is why we need your stake


I m very happy with the pool! The Last 3 epochs we were very lucky with a average luck score off 168%!!. : So 168% more blocks produced than expected regarding to the amount off stake.
And off course, the pool is purpose driven, so the earnings off the spo are used to buy solar lights for people in less developed country’s​:clap::fist_left:t2: And make the world a Little bit better…I hope there will be more people that will think about to delegate to this pool. The lifetime average ROS off the pool is above 5%.

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Thank you soo much Harry
I know it’s a long road, but with support from people like you, we can make a difference.

As mentioned on telegram, I’m very much looking forward to distributing clean water as well.

Even though, a water well will prove more sustainable (but that’s for much later)

For now my wife and I are pushing forward with the solar lighting bulbs.

Thank our very much