Introducing from The Netherlands StakePool WeQanhet - Ticker: WEQNT

Consider Staking with us.

Ticker: WEQNT

We are a Cardano Stake Pool aiming to provide people in developing countries with basic Lighting through the use of portable solar powered bulbs.

WEQNT is being powered by a bare metal server to ensure maximum performance and help further decentralize the Cardano network.

Our primary benchmark of a high performing stake pool is its ability to create 100% of the assigned blocks. In order to achieve this goal, our node runs on a high-performance dedicated bare metal and single purpose server.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant MicroServer server Intel Xeon E 3,4 GHz 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM Ultra Micro- including a HPE 240GB SATA RI SFF RW DS SSD for maximizing performance

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I’m very proud on this stakepool i delegated my ada to!! Today the SPO mentioned us that he bought the first solar bulbs/lightnings for the charity project he started. He bought it from the 3% pool fee…So the fee goes to a good project instead off to the SPO himself
…Cardano is helping and aiming to improve lives of many living in remote areas of kenya, ugunda, ethiopia southern sudan and the Carribean.
I want to ask more ada hodlers to delegate to this pool and by doing this to improve the world. in my eyes cardano is not build to make the rich richer, but to make it more equal and giving changes to people without banks and make their lives better. I remember Charles said these things…
So people, make the world better and delegate to the pool WEQNT.

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Welcome and all the best in this endeavour

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Thank you Harry,

We’re very great full for your support and are very happy to give back and help other.

It’s an honor to be part of this.