Introduction of SHARE | Cardano Stake Pool

Hey there,

I’m Bastian, the operator of SHARE. Over the last 10 months or so, I trained myself to become a SPO through the Stake Pool School (big thanks to CF), as well as with the help of great people from the Cardano community. Especially, the SPO behind MUGGY helped me a lot! Therefore, a special thank you goes out to him. We, the community, can be glad to have such great person among us. Although SHARE already registered on mainnet 9 epochs ago and we minted our first block, I wanted to wait for the launch of our website with the introduction here. Now, let me introduce you to the stake pool, our values, and what we are trying to accomplish together.

SHARE’s mission is all about sharing. We want to provide optimal rewards to our delegators, we are giving away to charity, and we share knowledge on the Cardano blockchain and it’s ecosystem. We also want to support a decentralised, inclusive and healthy network. In order to achieve these goals, and to show our full commitment, we make two pledges to the Cardano community.

1. We transparently give a portion of the rewards to charity.
25 percent of the income from the variable fee will be given to projects in developing countries listed on betterplace(.org). All donations will be transparently communicated through our twitter channel.

2. We operate ONLY ONE stake pool.
To support the decentralisation, security and health of the Cardano blockchain, we will only run one stake pool. Therefore, we might adjust the variable fee to incentivise delegation towards the saturation point for optimal rewards.

For now, we share knowledge through the twitter accounts @builtoncardano and @share_pool, through the Instagram account share.pool, as well as through our blog on our website (link above). Once the stake pool is more established, we will expand our efforts to other media channels.

The most important job of any stake pool, however, is to secure the Cardano blockchain. In order to achieve that goal, we have a reliable operation in place and dedicate much of our time to maintain, monitor and update the servers. We rent three virtual machines from a premium cloud service provider with a guaranteed uptime of more than 99.9 percent. Furthermore, the whole operation runs on 100% renewable energy.

If you are already delegating to SHARE, we want to thank you for your trust, and if you are considering to delegate to us, we’d love to welcome you! Let’s build a thriving Cardano community together and share a portion of the rewards & benefits from the Cardano blockchain with those – who really need it.

Sincerely yours,
Bastian | from SHARE

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