What a Whale in ADA terms?

Roughly, above what ADA stake size is considered a stake considered a Whale stake ?
Are ADA stakes public ?

Jokingly. Are Cardano and Pareto good friends ?

Here’s some lists/graphs.


Well I used the word in relation to the holding that would make running a pool for an individual staker worthwhile, so I guess that’s what you’re interested in.

There’s no definitive answer, not only are there many factors to consider, but some of them are unknown (undecided) at this time.

But people have previously speculated that it would be necessary to pledge something like 3m to make running a standard, public stake-seeking pool worth it. I would guess that, for an individual pool, you’d need at least an order of magnitude more than that, so say 30m. But this is not even a ball park estimate, it’s more like a National Park guesstimate. :grinning:


As @RobJF pointed out, everyone is someone else’s whale. It’s a very subjective matter.


The simplest way to decide what amount is best for you is to do the following: Take the $ amount that you would be happy with making, and divide it by a realistic ADA price. The result will be the number of ADA you would need.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nobody knows, or could know, at this stage.

Of course. But you could say that $1 is more realistic than $1000. But who knows! Maybe safe to run more conservative numbers.

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