What are the Pro's and Con's on running a Staking Pool?


As a long term fan of the Cardano Project, I just wanted to get a better understanding and Idea what are the benefits of owning and offering your staking pool to others, Is there any current known pro’s and con’s publicly mentioned so far about the subject,and is it worth starting your own.


For some basic information you can check out this link, Basics of staking.

Summoning @MegaWind, @Adafans_io, @NinjaPool_io, @nncc1006, @Emiller88, @oneleo, @gordondevoe, as they are the people best suited for answering your question.


Thank you @Bullishdong, for attempting to get this question followed up.


Checkout the following forum post: Will staking rewards be maximised in a bigger pool or in a smaller one?



PROS - You’re securing the Cardano network and get a larger say in its future as a representative of its users
CONS - You have to run a node 24/7, keep up with best practices, and continually research potential changes


Hi @AP-Crypto we’re passionate about Cardano, the vision of ‘fair financial services’ and supporting the community. Running a staking pool (24/7 full node) helps strengthen the network and contributes to decentralization. However this of course will have associated costs (time, effort, expense) depending on the service offering. Staking pools will also have responsibility as the voice of their delegators, for example to vote on Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs). There are of course still many unknowns, including staking pool/staking rewards etc. IOHK should release further details soon :smiley: