What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of Cardano?

Hey everyone, with the launch of Shelley and as we move closer to Goguen I’m curious what everyone is most excited about when it comes to the future of this protocol. Not price related, it’s always nice to see the price rise but I’m it it for the future use case as I hope most of you are as well.

Speaking for myself I am extremely excited about blockchain gaming and what that is going to look like on Cardano. I have always wanted to design games and actually went to school for it a few years. Never did complete the bachelors degree due to some issues I had with the school I was attending but I have never lost the desire to design games. With all the tools out there free to use I am more free to explore this avenue. I feel Cardano can add a lot to a games design and I’m not just talking NFT’s. I feel like this is a new frontier and all of the possibilities are not fully realized yet.

So that is what I’m most excited about. What are you most excited about when looking forward?


Hi Joshua,

I haven’t played computer games very much in my life, although it’s been enough that I understand why it is a thing, particularly with the graphics quality of the last few years. Based on what you are saying, I’m sure it is exciting to be able to imagine game programming with the new tools that will be available. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the possibilities of plug-and-play smart contracts the last few days myself.

I suppose what I find intriguing with what Charles has repeatedly talked about is a private, secure digital identity. I’ve lived in another country for an extended period of time. When I returned to the USA I had some experiences that for me were very strange and unsettling. That first year back (less than a year after 9/11) I repeatedly had government and business officials question my identification and the validity of it, simply because I had lived elsewhere for a number of years. This felt like my validity was questionable. I must say that I was very irritated by this. My own self-image is that I am what I look like, just a goofy white guy, nothing to see here, no reason to worry… You know what I mean?

But I hadn’t lived the life they felt was in order and so therefore, I was suspicious in their eyes. These experiences kind of affirmed for me the insidiousness of a centralized system.

This isn’t a racial thing, an ethnic thing, maybe not even a class thing: this is a conformity thing. This is about living an “approved” life.

I’m wondering, and hoping, if the reality of truly private, secure digital identities can resolve this desire and tension that governing bodies have to be able to categorize all of us. Because my emotional reaction to this pressure is to mimic RATM and say, “F*** you, I won’t do what you say!”. And while I share this feeling and see it to be born out of righteousness, I do believe it’s easier to live without this chip on the shoulder.

Beauty is more easily manifested without all of this abstract and artificially created stress.

So anyway, I guess I’m excited to see if Cardano really can be a part of creating a world without all of this BS.



Hi Joshia
I think seriously that with developing guagong era, there will be a great opportunity for game industries. imagine playing a game with a smart contract to go ahead. there will be thousand of ideas to use this wonderful technology.

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Digital identity is a big one. I think there is definitely a lot of inefficiencies that can be improved upon using this technology. Will be very cool to see how this all unfolds over the next few years. Love the RATM reference too :metal:

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Yes, very excited to get into this all and really get a better understanding of all that is possible.