What are you watching at the moment on Netflix / Prime?

Good morning all! :slight_smile:

Something non-Cardano related for a change…

What are you watching on Netflix or Prime?

I’ve recently watched and enjoyed:

  • All or Nothing with Manchester City (and I’m no fan of football) - so insightful and well made
  • Stranger Things - yes, way behind on this one but loved both series!
  • What the Health - just watch it - an eye opener to say the least

Recommendations needed… post below! :slight_smile:


BlackMirror, awesome unique series.

I do not have Netflix nor Prime subscription, even a TV.:slight_smile:


@Gabor_Peto good call! I’ve only watched one episode…

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@_ilap That’s impressive… for a long time?

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I and my wife do not really watch TV for long (would say 10-15 years or more), but to be frank, we still had one for the kids (for NatGeo or similar what we watched together sometime) till they grow up.

If I watch something (TED or some other interesting stuff) I use my laptop.


I am all about Thomas and Friends these days.

My toddler loves it so… I don’t have much choice :smiley:


:smiley: Quality programmes! :smiley:

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I tend to watch TED on the laptop too… any favourites? @_ilap

I cannot pick any really, cos its very high quality talks which hard to chose from. I think I watched all of their talks (>90%).

Just finished the docu-series QB1: Beyond the Lights. Loved it! It follows the top 3 high school football (:football: not :soccer:) players in the US in their senior year.

Good choice @Gabor_Peto - I loved most of the episodes, even though some of them gave me the heebie jeebies :see_no_evil:

Thomas and Friends is playing on my television right this second! :smile: also get a large dose of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood when I am at home, and also have no choice in the matter :joy:

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Ah, yes! Daniel Tiger is another show. Have seen the one about Daniel’s birthday cake? That one is a complete hit!

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Binge watched that one as well. Also learned some football history with https://www.amazon.com/Inverting-Pyramid-History-Soccer-Tactics/dp/1568589190

Watching Queen of the South … Not on Netflix Or Prime though

Just finished the 2nd season of Ozark. Starting the newest season of Wentworth.

Ozark is on the list to watch… :slight_smile: Recommended? @Kylightning Andy?

@jonmoss Jon, Yes I definitely recommend it.

I too love TED talks. Here are two pretty funny parodies:


Outlander is pretty good for those who love Scotland, history, romance, blood and wars. It’s basically realism within fantasy, with a pinch of Game of Thrones. It takes place between the 1950s and the 18th century.
It’s on Netflix in some regions. Nice rating on tv.com (9.0 / 10). Highly recommend.

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