What are you watching at the moment on Netflix / Prime?


That’s an awesome show! Lotte Verbeek is in it. I’ve worked with her on some Russian speaking lines on “The Blacklist.” I spend the whole day watching her work and observed her process.
Short story; she was doing a scene with another actress while at the same time holding a baby, and actors have a saying; never act with babies and animals because they will make you look bad. Kids and animals don’t have a false bone in their body, so while you’re trying to act up a storm they’ll do whatever is natural and steal the show. So the baby was one of twins, because babies can only be worked for a certain amount of time before they need to rest, union laws and all, and he was crying and just was not in a good mood. The director blocked the scene out with actors and the second unit and they start shooting it, and it’s a lot of work, you start and you stop, you start and you stop, and you grind away at it piece by piece. I’m sitting behind the village with all the monitors and I have my ear hooked up to everyones mics and it’s sort of like "meh."Then they switch out the babies, and the second one is rested, he’s happy and he’s really at awe with Lotte, he’s staring at her, and at one point he leans forward while she’s delivering her lines and goes for a kiss right on the lips :smile: and it’s just the most precious thing you see. Lotte a total pro goes with it and receives the :kissing_heart:, she’s in the moment, she’s reacting to the baby, to her scene partner, all while doing her lines. Then later while the second unit is resetting, she comes up to the director, who’s juggling a million things at once and asks him how he wants her to play the scene. I can hear all this because everyones mics are hot and I’m watching everything intently on the monitors. She conveys to the director that she feels that she had a good moment there and asks if he wants her to build the scene around that moment or if he wants her to just follow the previous staging and just turn left or whatever. I’m thinking to myself yes! go for it! thats perfect, unfortunately the director was watching the whole thing from a miniature monitor and completely missed the moment. He got a little frustrated and told her; I just want you to turn left. I felt crushed watching this, but this is what impressed me; Lotte just let it go, she didn’t get precious with it, she just said “ok, gotcha” and did it the way he wanted.
There are different types of directors and they look for different things from their actors, some have acting/theater training and know how to get the best out of their performers and look for those fleeting moments of humanity that make everything beautiful, and there are those who are more technically oriented who care more about the “vase” and not so much about the “flower.” Which is incidentally how this all ties to :cardano: :smiley: because :cardano: is the “vase,” the structure, the platform and it’s very important but it all has to be about the “flower ,” us the :cardano: community, the people who will use it. As Steve Jobs would say “see how this reminds you of a friendly face, but the disc slot is a goofy grin, it’s warm and it’s playful and it needs to say hello!” https://youtu.be/ya0uliWzUTI


Going through Netflix can sometimes be depressing for me :rofl:, almost every other show has a classmate or a teacher or an acquaintance that I know. For the first season of Ozark, in the last few episodes I’ve noticed one of the teachers I took a class with, Joseph Melendez. He had a lot of cool things to teach, He’s pretty much a “Meisner” actor, which is another way of saying he’s an improvisational actor. One thing that stuck for me with him was the “thoughts” of the character, and I kept coming across this with A$ :laughing: legendary Anthony Abeson as well. The camera captures every little thing, and the thoughts that you are thinking can be even more captivating then what what you are saying. I veered off a bit but yep, thats an awesome show as well!


I don’t really watch cable or netflix. There is one exception to this and i’m not watching this at the moment but i’m a sucker for planet earth.

David Attenborough is the best narrator of all time as far as i’m concerned.

Sorry Morgan Freedom, it had to be said :smile:


Here in the UK he’s considered a national treasure.


Ok, this peaked my curiosity, why?
Links also so I can get it.


David Attenborough celebrates the amazing variety of the natural world in this epic documentary series, filmed over four years across 64 different countries.


watch “Wild wild country” on netflix :ada:

My wife and I are watching ‘New Girl’


I recommend DARK; It is fantastic. Need to watch it with subtitles as it’s in German (don’t use dubs), though, but definitely worth it. People compare it to Stranger Things, but that’s a lazy comparison. The first episode might be similar due to a lost kid, but the show is it’s own unique beast. Great soundtrack too.


Not heard of that - will investigate! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: @ThePatient


Ok, just found and four episodes into Jack Ryan on Prime.


Highly recommended! Anyone else agree?! :slight_smile:


hey Jon! So glad you watched what the health. i have made health the most important thing in my life. i dont follow all the aspects of ‘what the health’ as i strongly believe any diet that requires you to take a supplement as a diet is not a natural diet. that being said, i strongly believe a truly smart person will always keep themselves as healthy as possible. my motto in life is to live as long as possible and during that time as healthy as possible. If you bought a car that takes supreme gas would you put regular gas in it? similarly, our body fuel intake requires nothing but the best, hence we should only be putting in the best. there are only two ways to be 70 or 80 years only, one with a walker and one without. you can have a miserable life when your old or you can enjoy it. We as a human race sacrifice so much in life just for the pleasure of the tongue. if we only did the opposite, we would realize how much more there is to life. i am obsessed with letting anyone and everyone know this fact. unlike cars, we can never buy a new body, we only get one, we should take care of it to the fullest. i would trade billions of dollars for good health, and if you ask the truly rich, who are now suffering because they choose not to live a health life, they would tell you the same. Steve Jobs said so too. Exercise and Health is the most important thing in life and it trumps everything else. I was so glad to hear Sir.Charles on his lastest video saying he is more health conscious and mediating etc. This realization shows him and others who make this realization, they are truly geniuses. i have instilled this discipline in many people i have come in contact with and changed their lives for the better. i am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist but sort of a motivational speaker when it comes to health, i hope others that read this will make the change. ill end but i can go on and on if you ever want me too lol. There nothing that compliments a mans wallet better than looking and feeling like a million bucks.

that being said…you look pretty healthy to me Jon from your profile pick :wink: hehehe


I am very far from being a “truly smart person”, but I always keep myself as healthy as possible.:slight_smile:


:slight_smile: haha… my friend, you are a “truly smart person” if you do. Atleast i say so!

what is intelligence? we study, learn, and feed our brain all this knowledge. you can be rocket scientist, but if your are not healthy because of your life choices, then how smart are you really? Yes i agree we are genetically predisposed to certain condition etc etc, but that does not mean we give up and not fight it till the very end. We might never be able to stop it but can sure either prolong it or suffer less because we choose too. Cardiovascular health and muscular health, if done, automatically make you one of the richest people in the world. One thing you cannot buy is health, you can ask any billionare that.


If the following sounds rude I did not mean to be and sorry in adv. To be frank, I was thinking a lot about this issue, really. I saw a lot of smart ppl or ppl acting like the smartest person in the Universe but did not pay attention to their health at all. You just said it out loud what I was not brave enough to say for long.:slight_smile:


I agree, forget Netflix unless it’s David Attenborough. I prefer the alternative, volunteer to go out with the whale research team, absolutely fantastic fun.


Wow @Sally thats amazing! I’m jealous :smile:


@CryptoFox Hey Ashley! It’s an incredible film. I have to admit I was completely naive about it. I’ve also watched a few more like Forks over Knives and a lot of the Nutrition Facts videos.

What really kick-started getting fit was cycling - that has made a huge difference. I also don’t drink - that really helps with the weight and health.

The plant-based living was very new to me but coming up to 1 year of it, never felt better! :slight_smile:

(Also a huge fan of Headspace and meditation).


WHOA!! @Sally

Quite possibly the contender for the best photo post ever!