What happens if a Catalyst winner doesn't deliver

We are again close to the next Catalyst snapshot. Best of luck to all the proposals.

As my title, what happens if a Catalyst winner doesn’t deliver and simply run away with the money (probably Dubai!)? Is there a governance in place for this? Who actually checks if the project is being delivered or at least developed? Are there any penalties? Who does checks and balances?

There has been a lot of encouragement to participate and submit proposals but I haven’t found any clarification if one does commit some sort of fraud.

Maybe @danny_cryptofay or @Felix_Weber can answer to this question :slight_smile:

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So, Our project is in Catalyst right now (thanks for the well wishes haha).
The funding would be split into a monthly budget, and for the assessment rounds, auditability / progress tracking is a category! I Would assume that should it be clear that one isnt developing what was promised, funding will cease. I have not read specifics yet either, however.

First and foremost I would hope that proposers are operating with ethics, however i’m not sure the extent or weighting of any checks and balances. Would be cool to know though, ideed.

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Nothing happens. The guy who runs WAVE and SKY pools got catalyst funding to add chat to PoolTool over a year ago. Notice SKY is no longer listed as part of PoolTool.

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Did he actually receive the funding? And if he did is Cardano actually doing anything to avoid this happening in the future? Otherwise it’s a big waste and also unfair to those Catalyst projects genuinely wanting to be developed. How can one improve on this?


There are several movements in the community to improve this process.
Please see this post if interested and share abroad! Thanks!