Rewards for Catalyst Fund 2 Vote

Hi All,

I see that voting has closed on Fund2. A month or so ago, after registration and consideration, I cast my votes on the proposals I thought worthy via the Catalyst App.

The app informed me that my vote had been submitted to the blockchain. Exciting!

It’s all been a bit quiet since then…

I understand it is the holiday break so things are slow but does anyone have any ideas as to when the winners will be announced and when (and how) rewards might be distributed?

Thanks and Cheers,

Hello Elurevad,

Not yet - voting results are not in so far. Rewards will be routed back to your wallet that has your funds snapshot. Expected on 12th so far - tentatively.


  • Start of Tallying 06.01.2021 @ 8PM UTC
  • End of Tallying 10.01.2021 @ 8PM UTC
  • Funding & Rewards 12.01.2021 @ 8PM UTC

They will be announced officially first, but will be also reflected in the dashboard shortly after for review: Project Catalyst Dashboard - Cardano Governance - by Daniel Ribar - Google Sheets



Hi Danny and thanks for your quick reply.

Where did you find this info? I’d rather not bother people on the forum but don’t participate in the usual social channels.

Was there a website with this info that I missed? I wasn’t looking well enough methinks.


You can be up to date with catalyst announcements here.

Thanks Priyank,

I signed up to the Telegram channel and couldn’t make much sense of it. I’m not a natural social media user. It seemed to be just Town Hall broadcasts and notices from the Catalyst Team without any community input.

One of the Town Hall meetings I saw (#3) suggested 20.01.2021 as a date rewards distribution but that has come and gone without rewards being shown in the android voting app.

I don’t really mind not receiving any ada though I’m a bit underwhelmed by the lack of communication.

Anyway, looking forward to voting on Fund3.