Fund 8 Voting incentive not receive

I have registered for fund 8 and also my ADA delegate to stake pool, more over the projects I vote. some project won. I mean I find out there are funded. but when I checked thru cardanoscan (Instantaneous reward) not receive any incentive. Any idea about this?

They were announced for this week. Should be any day now.

It is a manual, nor an automatic process. So, it can always take a while.

If you receive rewards does not depend on whether the projects you voted for or against got funding in the end or not, just on the fact that you voted at all.

Hi Many thanks, but this is first time I participate & voted some project & some against. but I have not voted for all the projects. still I am eligible for incentive?

Yes, you do not have to vote for all. Nobody can vote for all. Far too many.

As far as I have read, rewards will be distributed on May, 30th.

But don’t expect too much.

Actually the rewards have been increasing nicely and you can already view them on Cardanoscan

Fund 7 rewards were 14x Fund 6.
Fund 8 rewards are 3.5x my Fund 7 rewards.

Edit: Let me make it clearer. My Fund 8 rewards were the equivalent of about 6-8 epochs worth of rewards.