Voting Rewards Payout


I have a delegator asking about voting rewards for Fund6, which they haven’t received yet. Would that have to do with my pool not minting blocks within that reward timeline or are they distributed regardless of minted block?

I asked if he submitted correctly and said he did. Is there a resource to check to see if his wallet has received those rewards? I recall adapools or pooltool had a voting rewards tally but can no longer find.


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Nope, the rewards from voting are separate from the pool rewards … perhpas the rewards for fund 6 were not distributed

But I found a calendar … it seems the rewards were distributed

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Thanks, yeah I had noticed the distribution has passed.

Are there any ways to verify or not that he has received them?

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Yes, on → rewards data for taxes → paste one address from the wallet and click search… should see the history of rewards

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Thanks, yeah this is where I was looking before. I thought previously there was a voting rewards column/section, could be mistaken.

Doesn’t seem like they are showing up, could be user error. Thanks for the response.

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