Fund 10 rewards

Hi all

I registered and voted on fund 10 a few months back and was waiting to see if I would recieve any rewards. At the time when I voted via the catalyst app my votes were successfully submitted and in the past I have received some ada for voting in a previous fund. But I haven’t received anything this time so are rewards still given? There is noting showing in my transactions history.



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The rewards were distributed somewhen in october. If you didnt had over ~10k stake, your rewards would be lower than 1 ADA and thus it didnt get paid.

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Thanks, I had more than 10k staked so weird that I didn’t get any rewards.

You may want to ask here for further help : Telegram: Contact @ProjectCatalystChat

Look through your transaction history. In contrast to previous funds, they came as a normal transaction (if you did a new voting registration in time).

Thanks. I had read that so checked my transactions but nothing has come through.

To make sure I don’t miss out for fund 11 I’ve just registered again via the daedlus wallet and got a new QR code etc. I went to the voting app to connect it but there is no option to scan the QR code. Can you only register once for all funding rounds or do you register for each new fund? Is there a way to check that you are correctly registered?

To connect another voting key, you first have to disconnect the currently connected one. Click “Disconnect Wallet”.

Usually, a registration is good for all future funds.

Except if they change something. As they have changed the rewards payout for Fund10. Or might change in the future for the voting portal instead of the app or for introducing dReps.

No really easy way, but you can compare the “Catalyst Wallet ID” shown on the “Staking account” page for your account on with “My Wallet ID” shown at the bottom of the “Help & Support” tab in the Catalyst Voting app. They should match.