I just Staked my ADA in Daedalus Wallet and went to register for Voting and it lists F10 as the session is that accurate or is it session F11?

Hello I just Staked my ADA in Daedalus Wallet and went to register for Voting and it lists F10 as the session is that accurate, or is it session F11? I saw f10 in the box and 15 minutes prior to the start i was trying to register. However the voting and rewards mention a October 31 date it also mentions a September 14, 2023 End Of Voting in Project Catalyst form the Voting section of Daedalus Wallet . So do I need to re-register for voting and rewards? Thanks!! I am very new to Crypto!

Catalyst funds are only every couple of months. So, Daedalus still mentions the dates for Fund 10 which is already over because it just hasn’t been updated. Fund 11 voting will only be in February. There’s not much to do and no rewards to get until then. Usually, you do not need to register again for new funds and can just vote when it is time to do that. Sometimes (as it was the case for Fund10) a new registration is needed if something is changed in the technology, but up to now it looks like if you registered just now you’re good for Fund 11.

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your reply, does that mean also there will be no stacking rewards till then as well?

So if we are staked from today, till February, will there be rewards for the current time as well then?

Staking rewards and voting rewards arent the same rewards.

While staking rewards are paid out by the protocol itself due to helping to secure the network, the vothing rewards are currently paid by IOG as they are managing project Catalyst.

This means you still get your staking rewards every 5 day but you will only get voting rewards once fund11 is available to vote.


Thanks for that clarification Zyroxa! Also I registered on November 12th 2023, and Fund10 was listed on the Daedalus Cardano registration box, even though F10 was voted on Sept 14th 2023. Apparently the F11 is supposed to go live on the 15th of November. So will I need to re-register on the 15th to be able to vote in February?

No, that the fund “goes live” first “only” means that proposers can start submitting their proposals. After that there will be reviews. The voting snapshot will be announced separately, but will likely be something like mid/end January for a vote in February.

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