Fund 10 registration

Hi, I need some help/info with registration for fund 10 voting. I am staked and have my qr code and pin. Catalyst app has come up as fund 9 says it has verified my wallet but due to timing will have to wait. Snapshot Jan 5 2023. No voting power. Do I need to disconnect my wallet and register again or will catalyst see my registration and do it for me. Have I missed fund 10 snapshot when is it? Kind regards

Fund 10 hasn’t been started at all. The information in the voting app is out of date and won’t be updated until there are news from the Catalyst team.

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My thanks tidied that up.

Registration for Fund 10 started on June 21. I’ve tried twice to register. The first time, Catalyst Voting registered me for Fund 9. I disconnected my wallet, uninstalled Catalyst Voting, rebooted my phone, reinstalled Catalyst Voting, and connected my wallet. I completed the registration process. Once again, I’m registered for Fund 9.

The only thing I can think of, I used the same PIN as I used to register for Fund 8. Am I supposed to enter a new PIN? Is there a different PIN for each funding round? Where do I get it? Because neither my phone nor the Etnl wallet on my laptop gave me one.

The voting app is still not updated. It will always say that it’s for Fund 9, since it is the old voting app from last year.

The voting weight snapshot will be in August and voting will only start in September. So, there’s plenty of time.

So, what? We have to register when the app updates? Or the registration for Fund 9 automatically becomes a registration for Fund 10 when the app updates?

I will do when the app updates.

In previous rounds the registration was just carried over. So, I registered once for Fund 7 and used exactly that registration for Funds 8 and 9. (The PIN is selected by you, you can select a new one for each registration or select the same one every time. Nobody cares.)

This time, Eternl says, I could also do that, but I will only get voting rewards with a new registration, since the mechanism was changed.

If you have done the regsitration after Eternl has given that hint, it should already be the new registration type and everything should be fine.

According to, the registration should be done before 18th August.