Catalyst Weekly #104 - 6 days remain to cast your vote by July 11 - 11AM UTC

Hello there, beautiful soul!

You’ve made it through half of the Fund12 voting festival. Thank you all for what you have done so far to share the voice about participation, whether as a proposer or a voter or simply an engaged Cardano citizen. Thank you for all of that.

Remember - time is running out to cast your votes - but no later than July 11th, 11 a.m. UTC.

What are some of the key considerations to keep in mind as we roll over the second half of the voting period?

  1. Only wallets that are active are eligible for voting rewards - so don’t miss out on that opportunity. 2.5% of the funding round is allocated to this incentive totalling ₳1,250,000. Make sure to claim yours. Voter rewards are proportional to your voting power (similar to how staking functions). These are then distributed once the funding round concludes - target late August/early September.
  2. Every proposal to be eligible for funding - needs to overcome the 1% voting power threshold. Meaning - from all the registered voting power (not just active) - proposals must receive enough “approve” votes equal or more than 1%. Given that voting power snapshot was about 4.59B ada - this accounts for ±46M ada for a proposal to be above the funding eligibility line.
  3. Lesson here? If you don’t vote for your proposal - you might miss the opportunity. If you don’t talk about your proposal - people won’t know to vote for you. Take the second half of this voting festival by the horns and be heard.
  4. Where to look for more information? All proposals are now loaded on Want to take your research to the next level? Then follow along Lido Nations analytics tool including live tally overview.
  5. If all goes well - results should be available in the week of July 15th.

Happy Voting!


Town Hall #169

:bulb: Next TH? Every week. Register now via this link.

Cardano360 Update

The Catalyst team had an opportunity to showcase the latest updates in the most recent Cardano 360 episode. Should you wish to catch the video - make sure to check out this post with the full video. Enjoy! Leave a comment on what you thought of it.

Time to cast your votes until July 11th - 11AM UTC

Voter registration is now over and the snapshot took place on June 18th at 21:45 p.m. UTC.

Voting is now officially open and will remain open for two weeks until July 11th, 11 a.m. UTC. We’re looking forward to your active participation in the upcoming Fund12 vote. You can also refer to the Catalyst Knowledge Base GitBook pages to learn more about voting.

So what do you have to do? Make sure to download the latest version of the Voting App from your App and Play stores and get ready.

If you are experiencing any issues with the old app (such as white screen, etc), simply update the app in the store and continue your voting! You can also follow the Known Issues section on Catalyst gitbook to stay up to date for anything out of the ordinary. As of this moment, all systems are working 100% across the tech stack. Enjoy fast and smooth voting.

Progress Update

Fund12 is once again off to a great start. Already more than 4,000 unique #Cardano wallets participating in @Catalyst_onX Fund12. These wallets have collectively cast already north of 130,000 votes worth almost 1,400,000 ada in total. The innovation festival is officially on! Note: A wallet can cast more than one vote but for different proposals. Catch the updated metrics on the Catalyst Announcements channel here over the course of next days.

How to audit the vote?

Fund12 Snapshot (approximate)

  • Eligible Wallets: 53,886 wallets
  • Eligible Wallet Stake: ±4.59B ada

Want to audit the numbers yourself? Check out the guide in the knowledge base here. It’s as easy as…

  1. Install DbSync and Catalyst Snapshot Tools
  2. Produce raw snapshot given target slot number
  3. Process raw snapshot according to the official Fund Parameters

Want to level up in your Catalyst experience, including tallying the results? Follow the rest of the instructions as they get updated here. This information is generally used to independently verify outcomes by fellow community toolings such as LidoNation, SCATDAO, Xerberus, and many others.

Catalyst roadmap & deliverables

Looking for the latest updates regarding Catalyst’s development roadmap? Follow along with milestone developments via Catalyst Gitbook to stay up to speed!

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