What is Cardano? 4 Year Old Crypto Kylie Explains

Hey everyone, we managed to finish our What is Cardano? video. I think it’s a very simple (and whimsical) introduction to Cardano. Constructive criticism is welcome.

(this is the 3rd video in the series I mentioned in a prior thread [Cardano Kids])


LOVE THIS! Great concept. Great actress, very charming and likeable, etc. Really good job on her part. Kudos to you guys. Showed to my nine yr old daughter. Summarized her and our thoughts below.

Couple thoughts:

  1. It’s a little long – maybe chunk topics to smaller size?

  2. When you’re covering topics could there be a whiteboard with the points (could be kid drawings around it, etc) or bigger words

  3. The house examples were/are cute but not super easily tied back to the point, or, not super obvious.

Got an idea: Would a different environment work or learning environment for different topics? Here’s an example: http://www.learningfox.com/LionandtheMeatloaf/story.html

Might something like this work? I’m thinking of cute storyboard-type format. Just an idea.

Again, kudos to @CryptoGambler and your little one!

Thanks for your input @Dealy14

  1. Yes, I was hoping to keep videos at sub 5 minutes. However, I felt all three topics had to be discussed in one video as an introduction since those 3 aspects are the foundation for the vision.

  2. I wanted to implement a whiteboard, but I kind of ran out of time. We’re going on vacation and I wanted to get this out by the end of the month. I do agree that a whiteboard would be nice in a background. That also requires me to actually buy and hang one up though… but [[[lazy]]].

  3. The house examples were primarily for people who don’t understand blockchain/crypto to be able to understand what the vision is. The concept doesn’t work perfectly, but I felt it was good to stay with the house analogy for consistency.

I may experiment with some whiteboard/storyboard type of setup… we’ll see.

Thanks for your input.

Very cute, amusing and informative!

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