What is node.socket - when does it exist?

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What exactly is node.socket and when does it exist, and when does it not exist?

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Cardano-cli connects to cardano-node via socket. The socket “exists” when cardano-node has finished starting up - all databases opened.

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This is the same challenge that I had before … ‘Socket does not exist’ I do not see a socket file, adn this worked days ago, and I do not recall making a change.

Variables and path exist …
error 5


db Directory - NO SOCKET
error 4

Block Producer


Any thoughts as to why there is no socket?

Thank you

Check inside the script (for starting the node) what path has the socket file, and u should find it there

This is the start script on the block producer - nothing special …


I stopped the service on the BP, then sudo rm -R db and started the service. The socket folder reappeared and I’ll wait for the db to finish tomorrow and see if this works.



The socket is a file, not a folder. That is why is better to give an extension for the file - like:
--socket-path /home/ec2-user/cardano-node/db/node.socket

Once this file created it should remain there regardless of the node stopped or restarted…