'node.socket' file does not exist. Error when starting node

Hi everyone,

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me out. I’m currently going through Coin Cashew’s How to build a cardano stake pool guide. I am on step 8: Starting a node where I am attempting to sync to the blockchain.

When I attempt to run the command for “Run gLiveView to monitor the progress of the sync’ing of the blockchain” I then receive the below error (see screenshot).

I then restarted the node and nothing changed. I then checked the “db” folder and noticed that the node.socket file does not exist along with other files. I had created the “socket” folder myself to see if this would help with anything but it did not. Does anyone know why these files have not shown up? I went through it 3-4 times and still the same result.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Maybe try doing a find /home/cardano/ -name node.socket. You are certain that the node successfully started and is running?

Probably related:

Check the topic and if does not help give an update.

I didn’t find the thread helpful. I tried editing the env file by commenting and uncommenting the socket line, restarting and starting the node but no avail. I still dont see any files in my db folder, is that the way it should be? Also my node does say “active” when running the status command btw. Also my topology file already contains these lines: {
“addr”: “relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 2

and also includes my block producer IP of course.

Any more feedback/ troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated!

  1. you DON’T want to manually create the socket file, it is not a plain file but a socket file with specific port. please delete that, restart the cardano-node using systemctl restart … and let cardano-node process create it

  2. if you’re missing environment variables before you run gLiveView, you can just type
    . ./env

then type ./gLiveView.sh

to start

if you get an error message about missing socket, just wait a few minutes and retry

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