What is the Cardano terminology equivalent to "ERC-20", "BEP-20", "TRC-20"?

Ethereum, Binance Chain, Tron all have a technical name for their token, such as “ERC-20”, “BEP-20”, “TRC-20”. What is the equivalent technical name in Cardano? Is it something like “CRC-20”?

If it doesn’t have one, it really does need one. I am in the exchange business, and we need to classify tokens like “USDT-BEP20” and “USDC-ERC20”. Is there a standard for classifying/naming Cardano tokens?

(Sorry if this might be a re-post; I googled and searched this forum and nothing came up.)

Cardano native token.
It might be too long/unusable name for your purpose though.

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