What or who is your favorite source of crypto News?



Just curious what your favorite news source is, please comment.

https://twitter.com/devnullius @Haskell-plus

https://cryptopanic.com @Doskad

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCatR7nWbYrkVXdxXb4cGXw @TheViking

http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Business+&+Finance/Cryptocurrencies @DarfADA

https://cryptoslate.com/ @RobJF

https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/ @rickymac

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnmMGBRhma0R6Ji3-6MkUQ @Fornever

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHop-jpf-huVT1IYw79ymPw @bluedream

https://coinspectator.com/ @m_sab


Tone Vays, Altcoin Buzz, Boxmining, Crypto Bobby.


I prefer CryptoPanic


DataDash. :+1::+1:


My favorite youtuber on crypto. when I watch Michael i think I could do his job, but he has extensive history in way more coins than I have even cared to look at.

I checked out the others, I am going to make a master list in the op for fun.
So pick just one @josh22


up-to-date info… http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Business+&+Finance/Cryptocurrencies


Added, it also reminds me of my local news source in some way, thanx!



I like the reddit cardano forum as a news aggregate, youtube, and I like to read Charles’ posts on twitter. This forum is also one of my favorite places to find links to articles regardless of the source.

I think there are also well placed articles on the Cardano twitter account. I actually learn new stuff and they link me to decent youtube videos.


He does 2 videos a day, unbiased info…


Chico Crytpo! His youtube channel has 10k followers and growing. I started following him when he was at 1000. He does daily news and analysis videos along with a beer of the day.


16,432 subscribers, impressive for sure!


Prefer https://coinspectator.com/ lot more sources and updated quicker.