Best. Video. Ever

This video rocks. This video makes sense. HODL my friends.


He is by far the most interesting crypto leader to watch in my humble opinion. I didn’t find the same level of macro analysis in others. It dazzles me every time, and I am not easily impressed.


He does well breaking it down in laymen terms, I am glad to see him talk about encapsulating regulation and coding it in, and the best part about this video is it was focused, didn’t take me 2-3 hours to get a good message.

I concur with this, not hyping and pumping but rather a very sober approach to getting his message out with genuine excitement surrounding what he is working toward.


Yeah it’s only a 10 minute video. Heck I could get my wife to watch it if I get lucky on St. Patricks day here!

Actually not a bad idea Rick, I am going to ask my wife to watch it today :sunglasses:

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Your right @rickymac , that video did rock! Totally made sense with the incorporation of metadata as part of a checks and balance regulator. I also agree @CosmosX Charles is by far the most interesting engineer to listen to. Dare I say, “CRYPTO ROCKSTAR!” :wink:


@dirtyperfect I like when Charles talks about the 3 different attributes required for financial institutions to accept a transaction (money).

But there is a 4th attribute he should add called… NOT COUNTERFEIT

I think it is so difficult to counterfeit a digital currency, that is a strong point. When I was active duty military, we would go catch smugglers violating UN sanctions and they would try to counterfeit any kind of currency or financial document. We would have to check for counterfeit. It’s too easy to print paper.