What percentage (3%, 5%, 20%) do you think is a fair staking reward

IOHK and Cardano Foundation will decide a healthy equilibrium percentage for staking reward. However, using an unscientific poll, let’s gauge what some members of the community think. What do you think is a “Healthy” staking reward percentage (3%, 2%, 20%, 30%) and why?

I thought 3 1/2% was too low and would have liked 5% better, but I think we are going to see 10% based on recent comments by People at Emurgo. I think 10% would be healthy

I don’t think it will be more than 7%. Something between 4-7% would be great.

I have always thought this number should be higher than the 3% that had been assumed early on. Seeing that this number is meant to get the average person to overcome whatever inertia exists to stake their coins 3% at this initial stage seems low to me.

10% feels more like the right number to me.

I’m sure IOHK has done some game theory on this but at the end of the day we sill see how people react and I’m sure adjustments will be made to elicit the response that serves the network the best.

It will be interesting to watch!

10%? For incentivised testnet or for production Shelley? It would be nice but i think 10% is high. I think 10% is high simply because it will shrink the available stake rewards reserves faster than the 10 years time frame as specified on the staking incentive site (https://staking.cardano.org/en/)

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I think initially, the incentivised testnet will be 20% and first year production release will be 9% assuming the amount of stake pools is above 1000. Incentivised testnet is at 20% staking rewards so as to attract as many stake pools as possible for a healthy production rollout of Shelley. Once, they reach that healthy rollout number in the incentivised testnet, I think staking rewards will be shrink to 9% for production Shelley. My guest.

your suggested percentages would be very welcome, nice and realistic i suppose! In an other discussion on this forum there are some links to statements workers of cardano did about the expected 10%

Ethereum 2.0 just announced up to 10% staking rewards when they begin pos. Surely we will be competitive!

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I think Cardano will be higher in the incentivised testnet. To attract quality stake pool operators, you have to make it worth their time. With Ethereum officially at 10%, i am thinking ADA will be higher than 10%.

a big disadvantage in the staking of Ethereum will be the minimum number of 32 ether you have to have in your wallet. for me as a minor investor (simply because i don t have enough money) in ethereum and ada, ada is more attractive and it will help for the worldwide adaptation of ada i hope/think.