What to think of this

When I was reading about Cardano I read that every single thing is first thoroughly researched, then tested thoroughly and then, only then, put out there as a live version so that it does not run into problems.

From my own experiences with the wallet (first it was good then for no reason it stopped), and after reading the comments of other users. I am not even going to try to fix this issue with the wallet, it seems pretty complicado, that is a problem for future Lebron.

After this experience I am more sceptic about this project. I am starting to believe that the software isn’t as stable/solid as promised. I understand how difficult software development is and the issues surrounding it, but this wallet thing is step 1 of XXX, this is not promising.

The underlying mechanisms are programmed using methods that allow formal proof of their validity. That’s what all the peer-reviewed scientific research is about. (I mean the underlying mechanisms, not just the formal proof.)

The wallet is different, and cannot be built using such methods. For one thing, it is heavily dependent on the integrity of the systems on which it is deployed.

All non-trivial software, unless formally proven otherwise, should be assumed to have bugs.

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Sad to say, but I have to agree. If you building coins, a user friendly wallet should be damn near at the top of things if you want user adoption. It won’t stop me from buying but I’ll tell you my experiences with the wallet have been nothing short of ridiculous vpn or not. Eight hours at least, each time I need to reinstall it. I’d rather create, multiple small wallets on exchanges to distribute the risk. I don’t end up wasting time. Time is money. And if I’m frustrated, I go to ripple, dash, Ethereum or stellar. Sad, but you do what you gotta do.

ZenCash Swing: I’ve had to resync from scratch three times, each time >30 hours.

See if that happened to me, I would sell everything and not look back. I would treat it like almost any commodity. If it doesn’t work, get rid of it.

I’ve not been tempted to sell out because I don’t really need a working wallet. In fact, the third resync, I haven’t actually bothered doing yet, despite knowing it was needed for a couple of weeks at least. I’ll probably wait until a new version comes out and do the resync at the same time as the update.

Edit: also: the commodity is the currency, not the wallet!

I agree, partly.

I do not need to transfer ADA, but I’d like it if I had the option to do so :slight_smile:

If this was a startup with seed funding I would understand, but this is a project with millions of funding and a very large team… I understand that the problem they are trying to solve is much bigger, but I find this not very promising. I have no idea if there is (daily) communication about what is being done to solve this, who is responsible for communicating on it (now, but think about the future too) etc. etc.

There’s actually quite a lot of reporting on progress, with links to videos and documents in the forum and elsewhere.

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On this link you can see every week what’s being done. AFAIK they are the only team that releases weekly reports on the advancements