What will Midnight be for Cardano?

Midnight is still in the phase where developers can try it out on the dev-net. The community is asking what the relationship between Midnight and Cardano will be. We don’t have enough information at the moment, but some things can be guessed.

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charles has said that midnight will get it’s security from cardano, already confirmed that it will leverage cardano stake pool infrastructure

but if midnight wants to launch in a decentralised and secure state that’s only part of it - imho the project will also need to take advantage of cardanos token distribution

if you have a token sale there it’s never going to match cardanos security based on token distribution

so i wonder, how will midnight launch? will there be a token sale - or will the genesis block be a copy of the cardano ledger state plus additional $dust for future development, rewards and sustainabiliity

of course - if this was IOHKs the intended route they wouldn’t want to announce this until midnight is launched as to not dramatically impact the market