What will the return on investment be for being a slot leader?


Please give me a number. I don’t want to to watch a video about how it works, I already know that. I want to know exactly how much return can be expected if I’m holding X ADA for Y period of time. Please answer that question. Please do not reply to this if you are not answering the specific question I have asked.


Most of the more detailed info still haven’t been announced yet. Best I can tell you is to wait until Cardano’s team decides to give out more details…

Sorry for posting but you probably won’t find the answer you are looking for any time soon until they decide to fully release or give out all of information regarding PoS.



I feel like this is an important issue to get an answer. It’s about what’s the incentive is to participate in PoS. If it’s not high enough, I might not what to stake at all.

For example, with Decred I’m getting about 2% every time my ticket is pulled, it ends up being like 20-something percent a year. That’s enough return to keep me interested and my money tied up in tickets securing the network for months and years at a time.

What’s Cardano offering to incentivise me to keep my ADA tied up in a pool for months or years?

Also, if IOHK doesn’t know yet, then that’s ok, please be honest and tell us that you don’t know yet. That’s all I’m asking.


Nobody knows at this point.


Hello mate, this is a pretty stupid question and I hope you’re responsible with your money. See below: (I’m not a financial advisor, take your own risks)

I will give you a technical answer.

If you put $10000 in now it could be worth the following at end of years below;
EOY 2018 - $72000
EOY 2019 - $108000
EOY 2020 - $120000

This is because:
Crypto is widely accepted to grow to atleast 6 trillion by the end on 2020. This would place the market cap of 12x the current (if ADA stays at its current level - we have seen pretty unusual growth over the last few weeks so it could go up higher).

Let’s conservatively say ADA stays at its current ranking in the market [market cap 7billion to grow x12 to 84billion]
2018 - 60% of growth - total market cap 57.4billion.
2019 - 30% of growth - TMC 82.6billion
2020 - 10% of growth - TMC 84billion

Take your own risks and understand that this could be majorly over estimated or majorly underestimated. Only invest what you can afford to lose.


Clearly none of you have any interest in keeping ADA for the long term if you’re not concerned about what the stake returns will be. My bad, I thought this was a community of serious investors, not day traders and noobs. I’ll just keep quiet then and continue to build a holding that will get me into the 1%.


cardano is a great project and is destined for success in my opinion if cardano reaches 1 dollar in the first half of 2018 and if you have invested 10,000 you will now have 35.380,82 ada coins I am very sure that between the end of 2018 every coin will cost about 7 euros or much more so you will have 247.665,74.
it all depends if cardano will be a united community and that will really believes in the project . I think that if us as usuari we should keep more united helping to cardano and creating a united and positive community only so it can have a great success, in my opinion you should not think only about the earnings , but to the project itself that is spectacular and I’m happy to form part of a change that will go down in history.


Actually I plan on keeping ADAs until 2020/2021… I have no rush on getting rid of it and well, I believe the team will deliver great updates ahead. So I don’t mind waiting and seeing what will happen in the near future.


Honestly, 1 ADA will be worth 1 ADA in the long run. Now stop thinking of pulling out and use it as your main way of paying for things. The USD is losing value to it every time it goes up in price. That’s how it should be viewed.


@CoconutTruffles Do what works best for you. I have a large amount of coins and have wondered the same thing regarding POS. If staking makes it worth my while, I will keep things tied up. If not, I will take my profits. No need for name calling. Do worth works for you.


I missed it. What name was who called?