What would be the best way to verify someone's ownership of a native asset?

Looking to work with some NFT related project and I was wondering what would be the best way to verify someone’s ownership of a native asset?

I came across Blockfrost.io ~ API Documentation and noticed that each native asset has fingerprint, for example:

	"policy_id": "b0d07d45fe9514f80213f4020e5a61241458be626841cde717cb38a7",
	"asset_name": "6e7574636f696e",
	"fingerprint": "asset1pkpwyknlvul7az0xx8czhl60pyel45rpje4z8w",
	"quantity": "12000",
	"initial_mint_tx_hash": "6804edf9712d2b619edb6ac86861fe93a730693183a262b165fcc1ba1bc99cad",
	"metadata": {
		"name": "nutcoin",
		"description": "The Nut Coin",
		"ticker": "nutc",
		"url": "https://www.stakenuts.com/",
		"logo": "..."

Given the above, is there a series of steps I could take the owner through to verify the owner ship of a given native asset?

whoever holds the token owns the asset

from there you can prove who owns the address holding the native asset via the private payment keys corresponding to that address

I’m a bit of a newb on the tools & cryptography side. Is there documentation somewhere that shows an example on how someone could verify ownership of an asset?

Is this process something that can be done offline* if there is pre-loaded knowledge of the native assets fingerprint/metadata on the local machine?

Thanks in advance

It’s fairly straightforward.

Cryptography enables us to easily sign arbitrary data using a cryptographic private key, while enabling verification relevant data was actually signed by the private key. All you need to verify a signature came from a given private key is the raw data that was signed, the signature itself and the public key.

The wallets would need to integrate this (arbitrary message signing), and I believe this is something Sebastien has been looking at.

Keep in mind the underlying keys for Cardano are derived via a CBOR representation of ed25519 keys (skey/vkey) - so today one could use a cli tool or a lower level IDE to verify a signature for a Cardano address if needed.

Hope this helps

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