What would Cardano/ADA be without Charles Hoskinson?

I am very excited about the technology and actually everything there is about Cardano/ADA. But for some reason, if Charles Hoskinson was not a part of this would somehow make me think of Cardano/ADA as a somewhat boring coin as of now.

Lets suppose ADA was a boring coin, could that also be a good thing? A coin that actually does what Bitcoin intended to be? A coin does what it suppose to do without being “sexy” and hyped?

Any thoughts?

I might be a little philosophical here. Either that or tired over this boring bear market :stuck_out_tongue:

To me CH does not bring excitement (though his enthusiasm is great) but credibility.

He’s just so solid, consistent, grounded and centered.

He is a terrific salesman as long as he’s selling to people like him: nerds, geeks, people who value good science and technology, with a dash of idealism, over any kind of flash or hype.

I suppose I believe in him!


CH is crazy enough to change the world… because he energizes those who appreciate logic, consistency and most of all, individual freedoms.