When Plutus Fest 2019?

Anyone know when and where the Plutus Fest 2019 will be celebrated?
Last year was on 11/12/2018, Edinburgh.

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I wasn’t aware it was intended to be an annual event, unlike the IOHK Summit, but I might well have missed something…

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it’ll serve as great marketing and community support, i’d love to see it as an annual growing event full of workshops, i would be surprised if it wasn’t sustainable - ticket sales, sponsorship and people presenting for free purely to shill out their projects :wink:

that being said i think you are right and was more of a launch / once off… once gogeun goes live i’d like to see it return, i think it would be a wasted opportunity otherwise…

for now though i think the guys are busy enough, lets focus on shipping shelley and preping plutus, marlowe and other DSL’s for gogeun