Idea To Kickstart The Dapp era

He Guys,

There are many international universities that teach functional programming.

When Goguen is finished, isn’t it a nice idea to invite all those universities to join an international Dapp competition?

With great prices off course (and the honor of being the best University)

To me this seems a great way to get the dapp era started?

Just an idea…:slight_smile:


Nice Idea and the Dapp era will actually naturaly occur many like to just develope things of there own, your idea couls really boost things in a positive direction

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i think it’s a complete no-brainer to have an annual dev conference, ie bring back Plutofest and make it annual

could easily be funded by tickets and sponsors

the first post gogeun might be touch and go as far as breaking even but after a year of gogeun theres going to be plenty of startups and companies interested in promoting their shiny new dapps at the conference and lining up to shill their wares under the veil of presentations and workshops

i think plutusfest could be instrumental in building a really strong community

what dev doesn’t like going to a conference in a tech they are interested in, meeting and listening to other devs working in that same tech… really hope plutusfest wasn’t a once off… it has great potential and could really be cost neutral

Great idea @anon44579462! We need the best and britest embracing Cardano.