Where can I check my Yoroi seed phrase within Yoroi?

Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn’t find this in a search.


What do u want to check? If ur yoroi seed words is right? Try to restore ur wallet; if u already use chrome try in mozzila without deleting the wallet from chrome


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Yes I just need to check my seed phrase because I am changing my security system. So I want to check my seed phrase then capture an image of it, then encrypt that image. This is to 100% eliminate typos and incorrect word order.

I have Safari, there is an extension available for that also?

only these:


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Thanks for the super fast answer. You’re awesome

Oh, if you are in touch with the developers, might be a useful feature to be able to check the seed phrase within an open wallet, like with Metamask. Just a thought

You are welcome, anytime!

you can open a new topic and make a suggestion to the developers team

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