Where can I check my Yoroi seed phrase within Yoroi?

Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn’t find this in a search.


What do u want to check? If ur yoroi seed words is right? Try to restore ur wallet; if u already use chrome try in mozzila without deleting the wallet from chrome


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Yes I just need to check my seed phrase because I am changing my security system. So I want to check my seed phrase then capture an image of it, then encrypt that image. This is to 100% eliminate typos and incorrect word order.

I have Safari, there is an extension available for that also?

only these:


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Thanks for the super fast answer. You’re awesome

Oh, if you are in touch with the developers, might be a useful feature to be able to check the seed phrase within an open wallet, like with Metamask. Just a thought

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You are welcome, anytime!

you can open a new topic and make a suggestion to the developers team

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Hi Alexd1985.
I have Yoroi configured in my computer. But I want to install Yoroi in my phone Android but I can’t remember the seed. Is there any way to do this process?
I can access to my wallet from my computer/browser.

Thank you in advance.

Nope, if u don’t have the seed words perhaps it’s better to create a new wallet, BKP the 15 seed words and move the funds to the new wallet

Without the seed words u will can’t restore the wallet in future if u will have issues

Or perhaps do u have a hardware wallet as trezor or ledger?

How can I move the fund to a new wallet If I have forgotten the seed phrase and spending password ?

Nope, u will need the spending password im order to spend/move the funds

But you were telling me create a new wallet and move funds … how is thta possible without spending password??

Because I thought u found the spending password :frowning:

No bro … I have tried all the general passwords I keep … but nothing is working

You have all the time, try to think or try to find the seed words… even better

Sorry to hijack the thread but I have the same problem. Do you only get to see the seed phrase once when you first set up the wallet? I’m trying to find it now on the extension but not having much luck. I’ve written it down somewhere but just wanted to double check it

You really get to see it only once. (Theoretically, one could derive it from the secret saved somewhere in Yoroi, but there is no ready-made solution for that.)

But: To check it is easy, just try to open the wallet with your seed phrase in adalite.io or in a Yoroi extension in another browser, another browser profile, the mobile app, …

Thanks I will try this. I have no intention of switching to a new computer its just if this thing blows up then I might be in trouble. I’ve had it about 7 years now