Where does the daedalus data go?

I have downloaded daedalus. I didnthat some time ago so it had to be updated. Now, it’s synchronizing which will take some time.
But where does that data go? I would like a setting such that I can chose the drive.

The download was signed by iohk, I guess I should have done a checksum test but that doesn’t seem to be needed. It struck me that if I start daedalus as an admin, windows should show that the application is signed. If not, well, then I would hesitate to use it

Check this topic

Thank you. I do indeed have an ssd and I worry if it has enough free space. I think I should buy another usb drive where I keep that data. Too bad it’s not a simple setting so that you can use your usb drive on a different computer.

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If you dont need to run a fullnode wallet, id recommand you to use a light client like Yoroi, Adalite or Typhon.

Makes imo no sense to upgrade your hardware just to run a wallet if you dont really need a full node.

Default on Windows is “C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet”
I have not found any way to change it.
There is simply no settings at all for this client.
It’s a disaster imo.

Yes and I think this true for most cryptocurrencies. Another wallet for Sol and who knows for Cro. It would be nice if there was some kind of killer wallet with security like ledger that you wouldn’t need to connect to a smartphone or a desktop pc. Only to the Internet

Wouldn’t it be nice if your regular bank could host all these wallets and perhaps offer some kind of unified UI? Just pick your preferred cryptocurrency from a dropdown list. I’m sure there are many people that are spooked by the complexity not to mention the risk of having their coins stolen. Someone lost the equivalence of $24 milion that he kept on his smartphone beloeving it was safe. He fell victim to a sim swap.

I have found a better solution and that is the mklink command which creates a soft link. Works like charm. I have written a detailed description but I don’t know how to copy the link

U can post screenshots…

I thought there was a way to copy a link to whatever I read and then paste it. I have seen such shortcuts being used.

Do you mean like this:


And this:

The links can be copied with the little chain symbols below the posts.

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Great, Thank you