Daedalus Wallet C:\ instalation. Diferent Path not work

I try to install Daedalus Wallet to a different system unit ( windows 10 ). But the instalation put the most of dada in this path c:\windows\user\appdata\daedalus Mainnet. Why??
Is not possible keep all data on a different unit than C:, after I select the d:\ unit?

Anybody can helpme? Thanks a lot.

Is there a reason you are using Daedalus instead of a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl?

Imo it makes no sense for most users to use a fullnode wallet like Daedalus.

You are right and can use other wallet. But the point is that if we want a strong cardano, we must to defense a full node wallet for a most of hardwares.

Daedalus does not help network security at all. It does not do any validation for the network. Just for you. There is no reason to run it.

That being said the guide to moving the chain data away is here: