Where is Hongkong?

I did not find a category for political or social discussions related to Cardano. But isn’t this technology meant to disrupt really many areas in real life? Is it really enough to restrict discussion to purely technical or even economical questions?

I am asking this question today, because I am concerned about what currently happens in Hongkong. I cannot read the japanese postings here, so maybe this topic has already been addressed. (In this case, please correct me. ) If not: The r&d companies name is IOHK, which is InputOutput Hongkong, isn’t it? This company should be located in Hongkong! If so, there must be many people who are affected by the current incidents in Hongkong.

Does IOHK feel the need to position itself in one way or the other? – Couldn’t distributed systems be a much more powerful means of protest, compared to demonstrations in the streets of Hongkong? If so, how? How could you help make this happen? Are you concerned about the future of human rights or freedom in Hongkong?

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IOHK has moved out of HK to Wyoming a while back, before the protests. The situation in HK has room to deteriorate further I think, with global implications.

Nothing distributed in HK, it is under Chinese rule now and riots will be treated like threat to unified China, in the other words if HK keep rioting - there will be blood, while world is going to look at the other side.