Where is the "Vote" button? In Catalyst app

Hello maybe I missed the manual but I hoped it would be easy to find out without. Finally I got successful registration confirmed in the Voting Catalyst App but I can’t see any “Vote” button to vote. Can someone please explain or tell me where a manual is for voting? The Voter guide in the Catalyst Voting app doesn’t guide you trough how to vote.



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Thanks, that’s a nice gift on the anniversary that I joined the community :smiley: My Voting (thumbs) buttons are not red and green but are both grey and I’m still not able to give a a thumb up or down. Maybe I should register again because the Catalyst Voting app was updated?

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I think for fund 7 you had to have registered before January 6. I thought I had registered but evidently not, because I don’t have working voting buttons either.

I had already a registration successful confirmation from Catalyst voting App then after I updated Catalyst voting App to the new version I went in the Catalyst voting App again to “Register now” and used the old QR code and PIN and after that The Thumbs are green and red and I could use them to vote. There where no transaction costs again as far as I can see.

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