Where is Waldo? Anyone heard from Pascal? But seriously

You mean the old CF, the new CF, some other foundation? Who exactly are you talking about?

All hail the new King! :laughing:


ikr, there should be a community vote for some of the positions. i will take care of eruope + developers. if ADA does not moon within the year, i will eat a body part.


Unfortunately i don’t think this will be the case, i doubt it, I have faith that Pascal will appoint capable people he knows the community will scrutinize the boardmembers after what has transpired.

Hopefully, there will be some communication soon. I plan to ask on plutusfest.

It would be nice if they could get that moving. From what I know PS is the legally required Swiss citizen, and he is on a bunch of projects in this capacity. I’m thinking sort of like a lawyer/accountant? Anyway, don’t know how familiar he is with the project. Of course I’m sure people in IOHK and Emurgo will advise.

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For me as I said in my first comment about the CF, in the trend “ concerned about friction … “

CF has no true purpose for me as I understand projects!
It will be an important entity in cardano ecosystem. But not yet
For me, in this order comes IOHK ( the builder ) next EMURGO ( main purpose, true use cases for the real world! ) and eventually once the software is working fine, the strategy ( business, technological and resources ) well determined then in my opinion the project should be ready to open to the world and that would be CF role …

In traditional business, first they get the success then they constitute a foundation, it’s a madness to do the whole thing at once, in cardano case ( IOHK, EMURGO and CF )

It’s little bit “ too smart “ to build the software and at the same time managing a community to talk about hopes and desires that actually what we are all doing now, at least until we get Cardano decentralised ( delegation )

I understand this move to create the 3 entities but is very bad move as people always tend to not weight properly project and what is really needed

And this is why we have all this situation, basically huge amount of money gone, ADA GONE,
Please I m not stating that CF should be abolished, just saying that the timing to have it in consideration is wrong.

Wherever you could say to me about benefits of CF! It turns out that is a fiasco right now! and any more resources, time, intellect spent on the CF in those moments worries me as the focus should be toward other targets, crucial target

Instead of focusing on software, both IOHK and EMURGO are disturbed by CF

good job :clap: for whom decided for this solution from the beginning

It’s just crazy
Just take a second, CF was doing wrong, we all speak out for a change and now we begin to doubt on the change as is behaving exactly as his predecessor.

Some say maybe his busy, it’s a lot to prepare, it’s difficult… indeed as everything in life, but this level of lack of empathy toward a whole community is outrageous
At least some communication, AMA or anything about CF.

WE SHOULD NOT ASK FOR WHATS HAPPEND ANYMORE, it’s what ignited all this situation, the lack of information from CF, I m said to put that way but they don’t care!
their behaviour made me think that

For me long ago I didn’t even wants to updates me about CF, just don’t care, it’s not worth it