Where is Waldo? Anyone heard from Pascal? But seriously

It’s been 17 days since the resignation and not a peep from the incoming CEO. This is unacceptable and, more importantly, very worrisome. One would think that as a matter of courtesy and in hopes of starting things off on the right foot, Pascal would have at the very least issued a news release where he provides a brief statement that conveys his vision and infectious enthusiasm about the Cardano Foundation. This would take all of 5 minutes to do or maybe 20 minutes if completely incompetent.

Quite frankly, I don’t care how “busy” he is with the restructuring of the foundation. His number one priority should be to make a first olive branch contact with the community, especially after all of the unnecessary drama with Parsons.

Am I the only one that feels that this extended silence is a bad omen?


Sounds like it may be time for the New Guardians of Cardano!

On a serious note, I am concerned as well…


I don’t think that he will do much of what you expect. He’s involved in docens of companies/organisations so I don’t expect he has the time or the vision to lead CF into a new bright future.
I would be happy if he would just do one single task: Bring some good people to the board who are able to steer the ship in open waters.
But on the other hand he could just release a comment stating what he plans to do, not much effort…


I agree that 5 minutes would be appropriate for a short update. However, I would also like to point out that it is now a question of finding the best possible members for the new Supervisory Board.

It will be important for good people to be able to contribute their experience in the form of decisions, and not for Pascal Schmidt to take the steps alone.


All this situation seems to me surreal, close to a bad jocke!
Sadly I don’t expect nothing!

Unfortunately, Pascal will have a say in who will be picked as members of the new Supervisory Board. It is therefore likely that these new members will have personal/ethical traits that are compatible or are in common with those of Pascal. Not very encouraging given what we’ve heard from Pascal so far.

Why can’t the community vote for who you gets to be the new members of the Supervisory Board?!! If we really want Cardano to live up to our expectations, then we must urge Pascal to put this important process to a vote by the community. We should be able to nominate members and also vote for members. Otherwise, this whole process is a sham.

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I have a really great candidate with the right credentials, experience and high level connections across a number of emerging markets economies.

I sent his info and hope they pick him as one of the directors.


Awesome! Its great to see the community taking the first step in pushing for the leadership that they want to see. I think once stakepools are live some of the stakepool operators should be on the board as well. Only makes sense. (Given that the community is supportive of having that person on the board. Naturally there is a risk of having a pool operator assume that position and then to abuse it if but thats why the community needs to have a strong voice and platform to share there voice on issues like these. We have already seen how successful the Guardians have been so hopefully that will continue.)

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Since Pascal’s appointment, there has been no further information about the Foundation, which has caused people to start worrying. I hope that the Foundation can restore trust with the community as soon as possible.


Guardians of Cardano. Well a fraction of it at least (hopefully in reality all) - have been working for an interview with Pascal and see this as an important step now to continue to make sure that the CF gets new board members, recovers trust and makes more transparency. We are slightly weaker as we have some internal issues on what is the best way forward but I know that all of the members really want what is good for Cardano. It is no secret we have had our discussions as can be seen in some of the public threads. My own opinion is quite clear: The job is not done until we have a working new board and even then there could be use for guardians.

Now with that said: I do not see anything wrong with Pascal and encourage the community to give him a bit more time. Hopefully we will all see soon more transparency.


I don’t really understand why the community has need to worry about the situation at all, having an effective CF would be a great benefit to the community but a CF is not a requirement for the growth of the ecosystem and the community involved in it, obviously a funded organization allows for dedicated focus and could produce great results by utilizing the advantage of funding, yet imo this community is proving it will move forward with or without a CF and this is more important for the platform than a Foundation that is registered through a central authority
CH mentioned that it would take some time for things to get straightened out (I thought he said a couple months) and I think that many things need to be considered before Mr Schmid publicly announces exactly what his plans are, he must have been surprised in some way to now have the responsibility of restructuring a Foundation that is publicly viewed to have failed to meet its original objective, the accounting alone would seem to be something that could take an immense amount of time, current/past contracts and agreements need to be considered and possibly reviewed for mismanagement of funds (The GoC pointed out several such agreements that would warrant mismanagement of funds imo) and it is possible that legal counsel reviewing such would need a considerable amount of time to review the materials before deciding on an opinion.
I believe Mr. Schmid will conduct himself in a professional manner during the reconstruction he has been tasked with and given time I believe good results will come from it.


please, lets not start this again, it’s been 2 weeks for crying out loud, a little patience is required

lie down and read a book or something, give him a couple more weeks before we throw him under the bus as well

in the mean time appreciate that the benefits of such a situation and accumulate if you believe cardano is worth doing so


He’s an FD right? Don’t expect too much vision but some great tax accounting measures.

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no but seriously: me.

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Following an email exchange, on the 19th of November Pascal has confirmed he would like to have an interview with us and asked for the questions.

Please find attached the questions sent to him.

No feedback since then, though we have had multiple emails sent to him.

I guess he is extremely busy and it takes time to prepare, but we need to arrange for this interview the sooner the better.

Note that the 3rd part of the questions (21-30) were indicated as optional, only to be responded to if he plans to stay longer leading the Foundation, which is pretty unlikely as it was already announced he will be an interim solution.

If I would have to guess, he is busy recruiting the new Chairman and would like to delegate the interview to him being a better fit.

Let´s see what we will have first an interview with Pascal or the announcement of a new Chairman :slight_smile:

Interview Questions - Mr Pascal Schmid.pdf (117.3 KB)


Thank you very much for the update.

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hardly surprising he hasn’t responded yet, maybe next time be more reasonable and concise with the questions

I am sorry but I do not agree with this. If one wants to restore trust with taking question they should be open and from the community. I think this is also in the interest of the interim chairman as well. So far I have not seen any indication that he is not interested in open questions. Of course he should also have time to prepare answers if he need that as well.

At least those questions should help Mr Pascal S in his recruitment process for new Chairman.

Strikes me that the foundation care very little for the project. It’s clear to see now.