Where to find value of early transactions?

Can anyone tell me how to find the transaction value of some transactions in the very first block?
E.g: Tx Hash = 2d51b929d79a0ac8f360f38e8a38cdcb28ca84139aced314c5d7edc739aa4366 at block 1
Transaction payload is a Byron address only: 82d818582183581c8384f3ec4661544b68c77784f694ce2ad4e2097057b8a2e0ba3b36b9a0021a700c376d

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tung_Pham_Duc ,

You can check in cexplorer (blockchain explorer).

I try to find the very first transaction, and it happened in the Epoch 1. See here: https://cexplorer.io/epoch/1

One of the verify first transaction, for example:


Hope it helps. Cheers :beers:

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Thanks. But as you see I can’t find this one and many other early transactions on cexplorer.io:

I’m not sure but maybe the indexing process had lost some early byron transactions !

@Tung_Pham_Duc : I’ve never checked the very first blocks previously. But from cexplorer, I see that the very first 9 blockheights didn’t have any transactions (see image below).


Maybe IOG team or anyone else could help :pray: