Which feature of Cardano do you like the most?

Hi Guys,

Please comment which feature of Cardano do you like the most?

I personally like Plutus Core, being developed under supervision of Philip Wadler(trump card). This will give Cardano real edge over competition.

Plutus is just a language to define smart contracts. Not the coolest part imho.

Biggest “edge over competition” will come with the release of - IELE and Sidechains :yum:


Ah yes. :grinning:
I feel Philip Wadler’s contribution will be the single biggest advantage of Cardano. I always feel he is the wise Jedi. When EOS crowd complains that Charles doesn’t have technical coding skills, I feel like they don’t know Philip Wadler is behind Cardano. :rofl:

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No way! Look at the team - iohk.io/team/
IMHO they need to work as a team - only way they succeed


Definitely. I didn’t mean to undermine others’ efforts. In fact, IOHK as well as Cardano Foundation team is great. Not to mention the community ! Great enthusiasm in community that I’ve seen so far.

IOHK team provides regular updates + countdown for major updates. I feel like no other crypto team gives updates in such professional way.


The programming language IOHK choose for cardano sl because, in my opinion, it is one of the maturest for the purpose of professional software development.

The only things I’m missing yet is mentioned here

Indeed, PW is a diamond in the cardano team.

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Personally, it’s the IELE Virtual Machine for ultimate compatibility between all K-defined languages + the High Assurance Code + Haskell as a language of their protocol. Just my opinion

I could add the sidechains as well, but I believe that many other projects are also working on it.

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I would also have to pick the IELE Virtual Machine. Unlike the EVM, which is a stack-based machine, IELE is a register-based machine, like LLVM. It has an unbounded number of registers and also supports unbounded integers!

The fact that Runtime Verification has been contracted by NASA, DARPA and Boeing is quite impressive.

There are a lot more features that I love, but I had to pick one.

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RINA would have to be my pick. I think that is when huge companies like banks will join. Once they can implement the regulations that they currently fall under into a blockchain; this will allow them to come on over to the dark side.

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I like the transaction validation algorithm.

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My personal opinion, on what it takes to make a great product:
You do not need the coding skills to lead the creation of a great product.
You need the leader to be a jack of all trades able to anticipate mainly what the user will want and how it will need to work from the user perspective.
And next to them you need guys like Philip capable of making it happen.

Example: Linux Vs Windows and Mac. Linux it’s a brilliant product, but it build was and is lead by “techies” … The result ? :slight_smile: A very good product used by roughly 1.5% of population after decades of work.
Now, if you have paired a jedi Linux techie with someone like Jobs probably things would have been different.

Ignoring my previous comment and going Back to topic …
I am not a techie so I will try to put it in my layman’s terms:

  • the layered cake … It makes perfect sense to have the posibility to keep the money separate from the contract and from the product. I can send receive and modify only what it needs to.
  • the metadata attachments, in my opinion this is the gold mine for real life utility, since it will allow users like me to correlate on-chain transactions to off-chain data.
  • the interoperability with legacy tech, not only that will make it easier to adopt but it will also increase collaboration between old tech that does not talk one with other
  • side chains, not only that it allows for isolating and fixing a problem with out affecting the entire network, but also introduces the posibility to evolve industry specific chains working under the same roof
  • privacy access rights (paired with compliance) … I know most of us hate the idea of gov peaking inside but think at the following example:
    I run a business, I personally find it useful for the The tax man to be able to look at my numbers with out paralising my business with stupid audits. Also, considering that everytime he is taking a look I know about it, for the first time I history I will have a record to use against them if they go OTT.

Looking at it from a retail side, it makes sense as well for returns. No more receipts for items. I just hope that it can be done in partial tokens as well to keep the expense way down for the consumer.

I have a lot of things that I LOVE about this project, but I just hope that they can keep the momentum going like a snowball rolling down a hill. Never having to look back at fixing old projects, but just building on top of the platforms already established.

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Finally someone else that looks at blockchain beyond just financial applications :slight_smile:
If you are based in the London area we should get together for some brainstorming sessions :slight_smile:

so far I like the most that it doesnt even F build in Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the one thing I don’t like :slight_smile:

was intended as a sarcasm! :stuck_out_tongue:

Damnarion … I thought you are a Microsoft fan :smile:

… “was intended as a sarcasm”