[CSL-XXXX] prefixes in pool request titles of github.com/input-output-hk projects

Most PR’s created by cardano-sl project members are prefixed by [CSL-XXXX].
Here an example: [CSL-2207] progressive network connection timeouts

If I understand the speech of Duncan Coutts correctly, CSL-XXXX is some sort of developer friendly requirement description referred to pure mathematical description.

Two questions:

  1. Is my assumption correct?
  2. Are CSL-XXXX documents publicly available?
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There is a portal where IOHK team is tracking their work- https://iohk.myjetbrains.com/.

I’ve HAD an account there and could track tickets, scrum board etc.

But lastly I’ve found that my account is banned and IOHK team blocked registration to their site.
Where is this “transparency” that is required from Cardano organisation than?


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I think we should have read-only permission for public users. That’s what make it more transparent & people can track the project developments.

@io_jeremy What do you think ?


Last I talked about it with the team, they haven’t figured out how to balance security and transparency. We had at one point, a youtrack <-> github bridge being made. I am not sure where that project is at the moment.

As security is paramount, please give us time to to figure out the balance.


Just realized my YouTrack login was blocked as well. I’m really only looking to see what the backlog looks like, priorities, what is being worked on right now, sprint layouts, etc. Totally makes sense that they wouldn’t want to expose vulnerability reports (maybe a separate private board for those?), or maybe even the names of the developers assigned to certain tickets. Likely the only way to get full control would be an integration allowing you to tag things as “private” or not and building a new interface solely for providing public visibility on day-to-day (ish) development.