Why are there no Persian ambassadors in Cardano community?

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday. I just saw a tweet and an article on Cardano website. I wonder why there is no Persian ambassador in Cardano community. Cardano is not a very new or unpopular project in Iran. This is while Iranian are so active on other projects’ communities. does that have a certain reason? I mean the requests for being ambassador will be rejected/ignored from Cardano’s end?


Hello and welcome to the forum, @xcvvxcx !

I am not sure if there is currently no Iranian ambassador, as the image dates from 2020 :wink:

Cardano is a community focused on developing a blockchain technology where it promotes social inclusion, accessible to all audiences. As a community, we respect and appreciate everyone as valued members and treat each other fairly and equally.

Everyone can choose to become a Cardano ambassador. It is an organic process, it is not enough to just want it… Becoming an ambassador is achieved by bringing value to the community.

More information about Cardano ambassadors, available roles and the application form can be found on this page Ambassadors of the Cardano website.

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