Why Cardano overwhelms Ethereum

I found a post that explains why Cardano can overwhelm Ethereum.

If you wonder the principle of Ouroboros, Hydra etc, it will help you.

Article: https://cardao.medium.com/why-cardao-chose-cardano-b4f1acc9d188

Let me summarize it.

  • Cardano is becoming a public chain that shows the most perfect performance in terms of scalability, tx fee, and security.
  • Cardano is the only PoS system that resolves the problem of PoS
  • Hydra L2 can give the utility for real apps to Cardano
  • Haskell is very good functional language for financial apps and Cardano adopted it.
  • Cardano is the most potential L1 blockchain (Active development, Expanding staking pool, and increasing txs and active adrresses



Good article.


At this point idk if I should sell some Ethereum or hold and wait. I’ve seen that if you sell it back, the price will recover but then you have to take a loss.