Why Cardano presents Is The Cardano Effect really worth 750k Ada?

Excellent episode illuminating different ways to analyze ROI for Catalyst projects with the Cardano Effect as a case study.


Great video DonnybaseballAmbassadors

Provides a good base for discussion.

I have been torn with this exact subject, as on Catalyst, there are a few requesting ‘broadcasting funds’ and so many other great proposals to advance Cardano. I’m finding it difficult to allocate my vote.

I watch a lot of the Cardano people who have been providing content and across the board they have been brilliant at educating and developing the Cardano eco-system (TCE, Kaizen, Rick, Frog, Pey etc.) I am coming from a position of gratitude and therefore wish to thank them sincerely for what they have done so far :heart_eyes:

I don’t have the ability to work out what would give us ‘best value’ for a return on the funding from Catalyst, however i would like to propose the idea of a collaboration between (who wish to) the people who have set up a request for funds to run a content channel, all share the channel as a sort of ‘Cardano Central’.

This proposal also provides content providers more time to develop their ‘show’ and variety of presenters and style is more likely ‘capture’ new watchers and crypto adopters. Additionally any of the presenters who already have their own audience could request their audience also register with the Cardano Channel, instantly boosting the numbers and making it more likely the videos will be picked up by YouTube, everybody wins :blush:

Several other benefits, one of which, it will easier to track community content (as the channel will be primarily for Cardano anyway). Any research/production/editing resource facilities could then be pooled.

This proposal is part possible, because all the people currently providing content already have the ‘hardware’, it would also provide an opportunity for all participants to not have to go full time from day one.

Since coming to Crypto world, I have been watching a number of other channels e.g. Altcoin Buzz (they have different presenters) the people who present all bring something different and differing skill sets. This would be the same with all the people i mentioned earlier, or any other guest presenters.

If this could be achieved the ‘risk’ is less for Catalyst, have 1 or 2 people that are mainly responsible for co-ordinating (they could vote between them) and are the drivers of this collaboration Cardano Central Channel and when the next round of funding comes up we can all have another vote as to the best way forward, gaining adoption/adding value. and adding additional funds based on success.

I appreciate this proposal may not be perfect for all the people who have written their request, although some of the people mentioned have already done videos with other content providers.
I hope some may find cross presenting has some benefits and on future funding we can vote based on what value broadcasting has brought to the wider community.


I like your ideas MachTwo.
And I appreciate Donny’s video very much.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday going through some of the proposals.
I would love to do interviews myself and occasionally think of having a YT channel.
Being somewhat similarly disposed to the people who would like to produce content, I was kind of surprised by how modest some of the individual proposals were, financially speaking.

High quality recording and content we haven’t yet seen is going to be more expensive than zooming with others and recording it.

One of the things I find so interesting about Cardano is that it is really happening in many places round the world. I don’t think anything captures the feel of someone’s experience like being with them where they work and seeing with whom they are working with. So personally, I would like to see a content provider who was traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Wyoming etc… You know, getting out there and mixing it up and getting to see what building a community like this is like out where it is happening.

But that’s just my two Lovelaces.

One of the things that kind of holds me back from thinking seriously about creating video content is my sincere distaste for being forced to do anything with one of Google’s platforms. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what Theta is doing and have been wondering if there is a possibility to create a content platform within the Cardano ecosystem. I’m not savvy enough from a technical aspect to know if that could be a thing.

I would love to know if someone more technically minded has any thoughts on that.

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Great idea Bob, be the roving reporter :+1:

Connecting people across the world.

Re the platform i agree, i’ve seen way too much stuff being censored by YT (IMO with little or no justification, yet allow scammie crypto ad’s !!)

Would be awesome if Charles could get interviewed by Brian Rose of London Real, also may be worth Brian checking Cardano out, as he is such a free thinker and his aspirations for a more free society would find a lot of common ground with Charles.

Also maybe worth you connecting with Brian as he has his been developing his own broadcast platform this year (specifically because of censorship).

Have Fun

Thanks MT, we’ll see how things evolve.

Yeah I registered at Rose’s website back in the spring to be able to see his video archive and find out more about him. I got kinda turned off from the endless streams of emails he/they were sending me.

And then I started studying crypto and suddenly didn’t have time for much else.

I can totally imagine a serial form of documentary all about the Cardano ecosystem.

Excellent video. It provided me with some valuable insight for evaluating the Cardano Effects proposal. Thanks for taking the time to put this video presentation together. You are a valuable member of the Cardano Community for providing this input.

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For the record I didn’t make it I just posted it. I do like their content very much though!

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Thanks for taking the time to share this in the forum.
Our channel focuses on producing high-quality content for the community to distribute.

Glad we can help form part of this fascinating discussion:
Content’s value in the treasury->funding conversation.

We’ll keep pumpin em out!

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