Why or will we need multiple crypto currencies?

Will different people really be paying with different crypto currencies and why?

and if the U.S just declares an official U.S Crypto Currency what will happen to everything else?


This is all IMHO,

The banking\financial use case of blockchain is just one of many different uses for the tech and there will be different blockchains for other areas. I don’t see a world where we have 1000’s of blockchains all doing the same thing differently but rather a blockchain network per use case where that use case is unique enough to justify a different blockchain, but we as a society will decide that.

I also think that blockchain tech will influence our lives in ways we cant even predict yet, who could have predicted how we use the internet today 30 years ago.

Smart Contract blockchains like Cardano will solve many use cases but other blockchains will solve different use cases.

I have a pie-in-the-sky dream as a developer that one day there will be a network that I can host my software on that will give me the full power of the network for FREE, I dont know how, or even if, this can be done, but a man can dream :slightly_smiling_face:

This was incredibally insightful. Thank you.