What problem is Cardano actually solving?

You can find a huge amount of debates regarding the use of blockchain. Some believe that the only possible use is money. Others believe that blockchain can solve many other problems. Should a blockchain have only a single native asset, or should it have, for example, like Cardano, functionalities like smart contracts, the ability to issue native assets, add metadata, etc.? Let’s think about this.


  • Blockchain can be useful wherever it is necessary to establish trust between participants.
  • The line between blockchain money and independence from the state is still being explored. Therefore, we do not know what technologies we need for this.
  • If decentralized technology can reduce dependence on intermediaries and be more efficient, it will be useful.
  • Decentralization capabilities will meet the need for increased digitization.
  • The Internet needs the ability to easily and transparently transfer copyright ideally without having to interact with a third party. NFTs can solve it.
  • As with blockchain money, the blockchain is not there to resolve disputes, but to record information that user X owned token Y at time Z.

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