Will Defis and cryptocurrency bring an economic revolution among the poorest?


Participate in a Proposed Monetary Revolution in periphery of Brazil

Hi my friends. My name is Daniel Estefani and I live on the outskirts of Curitiba in Brazil. Im COO of Arma Zen da Arte e do Som. We are going through great difficulties at the moment, but we have many dreams, plans and the capacity to work and undertake. We want to launch a token that can initially be consolidated within a platform for hosting and trading anarchist and cult digital music and art, and then with ballast in the flow between users (especially the periphery, favelas, communities with their 100 million children investors abandoned by any system of monetization, investment or credit) establish themselves as an anarchist and popular cryptocurrency. Its symbol or icon will be on one side of the coin the mask of the “V” for Vengeance, and on the other side, the “A” (the capital symbol of anarchy). The whitepaper will contain 100 pages defending the decentralization of currencies, the consolidation of DEFIS projects and the homogenization of tokens among the less favored layers by the traditional system that will succumb. What about? Can you help us?

I’m gonna be outright honest with you.

That’s an excellent idea, with what you started your statement; as soon as I read the word “anarchist”, you lost me.

Nevertheless, bring forth the WP, I can then formulate a better PoV.


Anarchist in the sense of decentralization distanced from “Central Banks” and governments. An anarchism founded on the economic ideas of P. J. Proudhom. When you read the paper you will see that there is no mess. Only the community will have decision-making power. In this sense, Cardano is anarchic and we love her for it.

I do understand what you meant, altough “anarchism” refers to a political movement initiated by a french female-woman; if my memory serves me right.

I’m againts of every and any political movement, that’s all.


Crypto-anarchism is a political ideology focusing on protection of privacy, political freedom and economic freedom, the adherents of which use cryptographic software for confidentiality and security while sending and receiving information over computer networks. In his 1988 “Crypto Anarchist Manifesto”, Timothy C. May introduced the basic principles of crypto-anarchism, encrypted exchanges ensuring total anonymity, total freedom of speech, and total freedom to trade.

See the conjugation of that two words, “political ideology”, concerning the topic?

This is why you can never trust wikihorsesh*tpedia.


P.S. Bring it ASAP!

EDIT: Didn’t ATT see the second result of the search:

Crypto‐​anarchism is a philosophy whose advocates think technology can assist them in creating communities based on consent rather than coercion. Crypto‐​anarchists wish to be free from state interference but prefer technical means over political means in pursuing their aims. In this way, crypto‐​anarchism is both a way of seeing and a way of being.

Yes my friend is that, however, as a Portuguese brother, you know that we are here, experiencing an attempt to reactivate fascism, so we defend Anarchy as a rupture with exclusive and centralized economic systems in the hands of bankers, our concept is founded ( in the economic and non-political part) in the Book “Systems of Economic Contradictions or Philosophy of Misery” - BOOK II - Chapter XII - New Epoch - The Community - page 305 and following.

I will check that book later.

@ArmaZen had fascism been put de facto down, and indeed we wouldn’t be living the false flag we are living in ATM. Remember that fascism depends on communism, and vice-versa, to exist.

Again, I do understand your point; but don’t forget what concept-words can bring about, that’s all.


we are very grateful for the teachings.

You do not need to thank me for simply sharing info along with my PoV.

I’m always ready for some dialectics! :smiley:


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