With which lanauge will DAPPS be written?

Is it Haskell? or is Haskell what Daedalus is written in? I had a little confusion there.

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The protocol itself, so the ADA coin, is written in Haskell, a functional programming language. Because Haskell provides industrial strength! Durability, and is more robust than other imperative languages like java, python or things like that.

The layer that you get to write smart-contracts with, the things you use to make DAPPS with, can be anything.
I think they will use loads of different imperative programming languages to do it. I don’t think they really made a decision on that yet. But they will be imperative. I am quite sure.

Correct me if I’m wrong though! I am just 23-year-old dude with too much time on its hands.

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Hey !

From what I understood so far, on the long term we will be able to implement smart contract using different programming languages (Javascript for example, Charles talked about the different languages they are targeting at implementing in one of his videos), but on the long term we will be using a DSL close to Haskell for writing contract called Plutus.

You can read a bit more on it on Cardano’s documentation : Plutus



Just to remove any doubts, Charles confirmed himself on Reddit that Smart Contracts can be written in ANY K defined language…



so, i cant find a list of K defined languages other than like Q and KdB (at least theres a db) so does that mean no javascript or python?

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thank you, exactly what I was looking for.

Have you experimented yourself with the lang?

Thank you guys very much. I really think using functional strategy will help the average person get their ideas out there , a price to pay for imperative programmers to be sure (fp being so to speak learned backwards), but a smart investment in a smart contract :), I feel like the devs of this program don’t get enough credit for their true intuition of computing and combinatorics… this white paper is likely going to help change millions of people’s lives. So grateful

Hello all, first post! @CosmosX is correct contracts can be in any k defined language. @Brisc Javascript and Python will almost certainly be added, Charles has said it takes some weeks to write the K definition for a language.

While you can bring your own language, I highly, highly recommend learning Haskell so you can best use Plutus. Plutus will be a domain specific language for Smart Contracts so it’ll have some advantages and overall be the best to use. To learn Haskell I recommend this book “Haskell Programming From First Principles” http://haskellbook.com/

another source for Haskell:



Thanks for posting the Haskell learning guides.

ANotoher question, will database software be able to be used on cardano? like mysql, postgres, nosql ?

I really like this one best of the Haskell places I have viewed…working through that site right now.

Time to look into a subject such as this is good, dapps written in Haskell would be the best approach to align with the protocol, but you are right-other languages can be used at this point.

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